Tokidoki Hokey Pokey

Because sometimes I sing and dance the Hokey Pokey with my students.


Laurence was no stranger to punishment. In his Sultan’s palace, he’d been publicly shamed and put on display, his body tied to poles and taken ruthlessly by all who wanted a chance.
By the end of the night, his body had been bruised in intimate places, his legs made useless as though they were made not of muscle and bone but rather with mud or sludge.
He’d begged for forgiveness before the night was over and when he was almost mad with need, he’d been allowed release.
The next day, he’d slept well until the evening and taken his meal in the Harem, completely unable to move without assistance.
That seemed like nothing now as he found his face pressed against the wall, his wrists pinned painfully behind his back and pulled upward. Struggling was pointless at that moment, his body stretched until he was gasping, his balance precarious on his toes.
He’d refused to pleasure his new master, an air pirate captain, with his mouth.
As a concubine this seemed to be an expected service of his, but after the long week of travel Laurence had been lulled into the sense that such services weren’t to be expected of him.
He’d been wrong.
Wincing as his wrists were pressed farther up his back, his shoulders and arms protesting, Laurence closed his eyes and bit his lips.
He could just feel the pirate’s erection pressing against his rear.
The man’s voice was rough and harsh against his ear, not the gentle silky tone Xesh seemed to reserve for his other concubine Jane. “You dare defy me?”
Almost as abruptly as he’d been forced into this hold, Laurence was dropped and, balance off kilter, he collapsed to the floor. Slumped against the wall, his body curling to try to settle in a non-painful fashion, Laurence cried out when his hair was roughly grabbed, his head lifted by a hard tug to his straw-blond hair.
Grasping at the captain’s wrist, Laurence was drawn up onto his knees before the man and his face pressed against the member standing at attention.
Without further warning, his mouth was forced against it, the member pressing in until Laurence gagged. Gasping when the thickness was pulled out of his mouth, the blond was only given a moment to suck in breath before the member was pressed back inside, Laurence’s head being directed by the hand grasping his hair.
Laurence grasped Xesh by the thighs, his hands gripping desperately to try to stabilize himself, to try to gain some form of control in the rough way the pirate took his mouth.
He wasn’t given a chance.
Just as soon as he’d grasped those thighs, his hair was pulled once more and he was forced to his feet. His chest met the table far sooner than he could ever have anticipated.
Head pressed against the smooth wood, Laurence slapped his hands against it in an attempt to lift himself, to struggle and pull away from the hands that were now pulling down his pants, baring his ass. Wet fingers probed him and pressed in, curled and rubbed inside of him, stretched his entrance.
When he tried to pry that hand from his hair, his face was lifted off the table and pressed back down roughly.
A cry left his lips, those wet fingers leaving him almost as quickly as they had pressed in.
“You’ve disappointed me.” Xesh’s rough voice, sounding akin to some predator’s, rasped in his ear before the pirate’s thickness pressed in. “Make it up to me.”

What do you see?

There were subtle ways Xesh tested him. One night they’d walked into his chambers, the room dark. The captain had asked Laurence to find the candles and light them, and after glancing back at the glowing man behind him, Laurence had done so without needing light as any other person might have required. He wasn’t ignorant to what the pirate was doing, but with the man had an authority to him and the hint of danger lay right beneath the surface. He’d seen how Xesh commanded his men, seen the loyalty.
He’d also seen the way the man’s other concubine, Jane, behaved about him.
Although it was clear that Laurence was the captain’s newest concubine, the captain made no move to touch him. Instead, he was allowed to watch as the captain took his plump concubine. Jane had simple features and was a plump woman, not the sort that one would typically find beautiful. But, Laurence had to admit, there was a charm about her that made him look away when the pair kissed, touched, coupled.
Perhaps the most awkward thing was dealing with his own erection, especially when the captain had broken down the rules to him his first night. He wasn’t to run. He wasn’t to sleep with any of the crew. And he wasn’t to touch himself.
Only Xesh and Jane were allowed to touch him.
Instead of sex, what he’d thought he’d been purchased for, Xesh insisted on testing the extent of his sight until one night they sat dining. Xesh’s question was innocent in nature, but Laurence knew better than to take the question for face value.
“What do you see when you look at me?”
To buy himself time, Laurence had taken a long drink from his glass. “I see a man. I—”
“No.” The pirate leaned closer, his lone bright yellow eye staring Laurence down. “What do you <i>see</i>?”
Laurence’s golden eyes shimmered as he looked up at the captain, kept his gaze on that single eye. He waited a moment, then parted his lips. “I see light.” He said softly, gaze never wavering. “You are like a sun.”
A slow tilt of the pirate’s head, then Xesh’s lips curled into a grin that made Laurence swallow a lump in his throat. “… And Jane?”
“She glows as well, though her light is different.” Laurence replied earnestly, eyes glancing briefly at Jane with her head of tight dark curls.
A hand touched his thigh and Laurence’s gaze returned to the pirate, to the way that sinful mouth seemed to curl further. “And yourself?”
Teeth biting his lower lip, Laurence shifted away slightly from the hand on his thigh. After so long without, he’d grown accustomed to not being expected to bring a man to pleasure. “I have a glow.” He admitted, his voice quiet. He hadn’t spoken of his own light since his parents had told him never to speak of it again. It felt right to say the words, to admit the truth to two others with their own inner light.
And although the weight of bearing it was lifted, a new weight settled on his hip.
When he looked up at the captain once more, the weight and warmth of Xesh’s hand like a brand on his skin, Laurence saw not only light, but also an all-too familiar look in that single saffron eye.
Tonight, more than simply witnessing a coupling would be required of him.

A Rare Glow

As a child, Laurence would often stare up at the sky on a beautiful day. When asked what shapes he saw in the clouds, he’d quietly say he was looking at the stars. Unlike other children, Laurence had the innate ability to see more, to see the difference between one light and another. He saw them farther away than others, often seeing things differently.
And there was a soft light about certain people that his parents had quickly told him never to speak of again.
His parents didn’t glow, not the way Laurence did or the way very few others would.
He’d been a lonely child, and when his village was conquered by the Sultan of a distant land whose reach had even found their doorstep, it was Laurence, the odd boy with eyes that oddly shimmered as though a fluctuating film covered his retinas, who was sent to the Sultan’s Harem as his newest concubine.
Lonely as he was, the sudden attention from the Sultan, his first in such a manner, was mostly unwanted. He’d struggled in the Harem and been publicly shamed and punished for trying to refuse his Sultan’s attentions.
Perhaps it was because of his defiant nature, but his pride had eventually made him one of the Sultan’s favorites until the warrior prince came along. The fights and wrestling often led to sex, most, if not all of it, ending up with Laurence taking rather than giving. It was a hard life for a proud youth like he, but those were the cards he’d been dealt.
Everything changed when the pirate came to visit.
He was a captain, he’d heard the guests whispering before being summoned to the stage for his ‘performance’ with Aedan. Again, he’d been forced to bottom, to take all of Aedan in a slow and tortuous performance that left Laurence a quivering and whimpering mess on the dais.
As Aedan rubbed his moist fingers over Laurence’s lips, Laurence’s eyes shimmered and stared up at the warrior prince.
He was one of the few Laurence had ever met who had that soft glow to them. Somehow, Aedan too was special and as he stared up at the other he was unaware of the figure approaching the dais, of the hand reaching out to grasp his ankle, until it was too late.
Dragged away from the warrior prince, Laurence found himself staring up at another glowing figure: the pirate.
Captain Xesh glowed like the sun, his presence bright and the gems that decorated his person like shimmering stars. Laurence blinked his eyes repeatedly, the liquid gold glistening as he met a single yellow eye.
The man grinned down at him.
Weak as he was from his and Aedan’s performance, Laurence struggled against the man’s possessive hold. One, two, three struggling moves and Laurence was freed, had felt those strong hands let go of him as he rolled away.
As he’d looked back at the pirate, he watched as those grinning lips mouthed four words that sent a shiver down his spine. ‘I will have you.’
That night, he’d been bathed and clothed in a beaded vest and simple soft pants, then presented to the pirate captain.
He’d been purchased, and yet again he found himself being given up.
The pirate, it seemed, was more than a simple pirate, but was in fact an <i>air</i> pirate. In the dark of the night, he was led to the rope ladder that hung down from the air pirate’s ship.
Any other person would be afraid to climb the wavering ladder on a moonless night, but Laurence could see it swaying as though it were a sunny day. Swallowing down his fear of going up such a height, Laurence trusted in his sight and made his way up to the ship without a hitch and when the captain boarded after him it was with an almost proud look in that single eye and the curve of the man’s grin.
As though the captain had known he’d be able to do it.
Though he wouldn’t allow his hopes to get the better of him, in that moment Laurence felt a soft layer peeling away from the protections he’d set up around his heart. And that was simply the first of many.

A Warmer Light

Laughter. And Chatter. A smile.
Green. Companion. Affection.
Hands holding tight.
A soft sweet kiss.
After their first night together there’d been more. Somehow it was easy to come back to Laurence’s room, to draw each other close beneath the covers and kiss, to touch.
Somehow, Laurence always found himself on top of Desmond, but he didn’t mind. He liked having free reign, being able to tease and touch the swimmer to his heart’s content.
The first time he’d pinned down Desmond’s hands and slowly kissed down the strong plains of the wizard’s chest, Laurence’s heart had been in his throat. He’d felt nervous, as though a virgin once more. Was he being too forceful, he’d wondered as he’d kissed Desmond’s navel, then lifted his head to look up at his boyfriend to ask “You alright?”
Desmond’s nod led into a breathless “Yes.” Laurence brought his head back down and continued kissing and licking until Desmond moaned and whimpered beneath him.
This. This had been easy.
Laurence felt nervous and on display as he walked into Desmond’s room, a first. Light rippled across the room from the large aquarium window to one side and as they walked deeper into the bedroom, Laurence couldn’t help but continue to face the aquarium.
It was at once beautiful as well as frightening. Although Laurence knew that the glass wouldn’t break, that there were likely magical safety measures that prevented all those tons of water from rushing into this simple bedroom, he gulped and instinctually squeezed Desmond’s hand.
When those green eyes found his, Laurence bit his lower lip to hide the way it trembled.
He was afraid of drowning.
They’d gone swimming once in the Wharf, but his lungs had seized, his throat constricted. He’d had an asthma attack right there in front of Desmond and been powerless to stop it until the wizard had fetched his baseball bat and pressed it into his hand.
Laurence had never gripped it so tightly as he had then, gasping for breath as Chrysanthemum’s healing light enveloped him and calmed his muscles, calmed his racing heart.
At the time he’d thought that the only thing that would reassure him during an attack was either his inhaler or Chrysanthemum with his bat, but as Desmond’s hands cupped his cheeks and told him to simple breathe, Laurence had looked up into those worried eyes and lost himself in them.
Now he was losing himself in them again.
“It’s alright.” Desmond said softly, thumbs rubbing Laurence’s cheekbones gently as he dominated all of Laurence’s attention with simply his presence.
In the next moment it wasn’t the water that took his breath away, but Desmond’s lips on his. They kissed his worries away and keeping his eyes closed they moved to the bed, sat, kissed. Kissed until Laurence forgot about the water outside the window and instead thought of Desmond’s mouth on his skin.
Later, he stared up at the window, Desmond’s weight a comfort against his side and chest. Outside, life continued onward, completely unaware of the fear Laurence had felt upon first seeing the window and all the water beyond it. For the creatures within the ocean beyond, water was life. For Laurence, it had been a source of fear.
But as he heard Desmond’s soft breathing, felt each warm breath against his bare neck, Laurence saw the ocean outside in a new warmer light.

This Feels Right

That night, they’d kissed and touched, gotten tangled in Laurence’s bedding and stripped to just their underwear. Laurence had marveled at just how warm Desmond was, ran his hands over the swimmer’s muscular arms and back. Desmond’s own touches were less bold and more shy, but Laurence had expected as much. He was in control, taking the lead.
When he’d felt Desmond’s erection pressing against his thigh, his approach had been slow. Steady. He’d kissed Desmond quiet, ignoring the soft apology the wizard had uttered as his tongue tangled with the other’s. When his hand slipped beneath the waistband and fondled that stiffness, they both seemed to sigh.
Boldly, Laurence pressed Desmond’s hand down to his own and when they’d pulled orgasms from each other with their hands, they lay gazing at each other as they worked to catch their breaths.
If Laurence could only keep one memory of this night, he knew then that it would be the image of Desmond’s flushed face, the reddened cheeks making Desmond’s eyes seem even more vibrantly green. And they had been eyes that only looked to him. To Laurence.
He’d pulled Desmond close then, leisurely kissed him and felt his heart fill as Desmond returned each kiss.
He wasn’t sure when they’d stopped kissing or when exactly he’d realized how comforting the weight of Desmond’s arm across his waist truly was. All he knew was that the next morning, looking up at a still slumbering Desmond lying half on top of him, that Laurence felt what was developing between him and Desmond was absolutely and entirely right.

Stay The Night

That night they’d eaten dinner together in the garden, an activity that was gradually becoming more and more frequent between the two. Afterward, they’d walked along the flowered pathways with their dishes in hand before returning them to the kitchen. Retreating before Nora caught them and forced them into dish duty, Laurence had caught Desmond’s hand in his own and tugged him into the Light wing, a smile on his lips as they just barely dodged Nora.
Dish duty avoided, Laurence almost casually kept his hand holding Desmond’s and bit his lip to keep his smile from becoming too obvious when the water wizard didn’t pull away.
Their first walk through a portal had spurred conversation about teleports and beaming, and as though on default Laurence led Desmond back to his room. It wasn’t until the both of them were standing outside his door that they both realized where they were and that no one else was present in the hall or down before the large crystal structure in the light wing dormitory.
Laurence looked up at Desmond and saw the faint blush there, saw the way those green eyes he’d become putty for glanced towards Laurence’s door. Swallowing down the nervous lump in his throat, Laurence tugged lightly on Desmond’s hand. “Come in.” He said softly, opening the door and leading the swimmer into his room.
When the door snicked closed behind them, the blond felt his cheeks heat as his bed, the large canopy bed each Light wing apprentice had, came into view. Of course he’d made the bed before leaving, his room clean and tidy, but the bed seemed to draw both males’ attention.
Desmond licked his lips as his cheeks seemed to almost glow with blush. Drawing closer, Laurence glanced between those slick lips and Desmond’s eyes before slowly pressing his lips to the other’s.
Their lips locked and they could’ve been standing there just inside his room for seconds, minutes or hours, neither seemed able to tell as they kissed, as they brought their bodies closer. Hands teased and touched, grasped or pulled. Both were breathless when they finally pulled their lips apart, their hands on each other.
“Stay the night.” Laurence said softly, his heart racing in his chest. They could simply kiss and pet if that was all Desmond was comfortable with, but having seen the bed Laurence couldn’t get the thought of waking up tangled with Desmond out of his head. “Please.”
The swimmer’s hands tightened on Laurence’s shirt, then their noses brushed. “Okay.”